Thoughts Are OK

Meditation means you clear your mind and stop thinking, right?No. Not really. Not in my experience.What if thoughts are a natural part of life - and therefore should be expected in meditation?What if you tried to do what you thought you were supposed to do - in order...

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Have You Tried Meditating Before?

Have you tried meditating before? Are you new to meditation? Are you curious if meditation could be for you? Are you seeking inner peace, peace of mind, or simply just see what all the fuss is about regarding meditation? You may have stumbled into a gold mine here, my friend. Check it out.

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Are You a Spiritual Seeker?

Does enlightenment, awakening, having your own experience of the true nature of the Universe call to you or even define you? Are you looking to deepen and expand your meditation practice in order to really be rocketed into the 5th dimension of consciousness? Boy are you in the right place. Though, I must warn you – this video may stop you in your tracks. But if you are really ready to experience true and lasting results, it won’t irk you too much.

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