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The Present Moment

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If you are looking for personalized support to deepen your practice, to get clear about how to live life in the present moment, to explore consciousness with exercises specific to you and your strengths + weaknesses – a coaching package is for you. Sign-up for an initial consult to feel into this risk-free.


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Online Courses

Deepen + expand a consistent practice, to begin an effective eyes-open routine, re-establishing life lived in the present moment. Choose the Train to Teach option if you are also called to gain skill + confidence to share meditation with others.


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Live Events

Find me live and attend any number of upcoming live workshops or retreats., LIVE! is where the power lies! Please join me live at any one of my upcoming workshops or retreats for an intensive, immersive and deeply enjoyable group experience. I can’t wait to explore practice + the present moment with you!


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Have You Tried Meditating Before?

Have You Tried Meditating Before?

Have you tried meditating before? Are you new to meditation? Are you curious if meditation could be for you? Are you seeking inner peace, peace of mind, or simply just see what all the fuss is about regarding meditation? You may have stumbled into a gold mine here, my friend. Check it out.

Are You a Spiritual Seeker?

Are You a Spiritual Seeker?

Does enlightenment, awakening, having your own experience of the true nature of the Universe call to you or even define you? Are you looking to deepen and expand your meditation practice in order to really be rocketed into the 5th dimension of consciousness? Boy are you in the right place. Though, I must warn you – this video may stop you in your tracks. But if you are really ready to experience true and lasting results, it won’t irk you too much.



Learn to live life in the present moment. Deepen + Expand your Meditation Practice. Engage in the Present Moment more Consciously. Fortify the on-going benefits with Eyes-Open Exercises. Enjoy the Stabilizing + Consciousness-Expanding results of this 6-week Course!


Peaceful presence


Increase mental efficiency


Increased sense of connection


Better rest




Be Present

Discover what it is to re-establish life lived in the present moment. Change your relationship to your mind, to thought and discover the passionate aliveness, focus, effectiveness and greater joy. Appreciate your life and your relationships more.


Peace of Mind

As we change relationship to the incessant commentator in the mind, we open to discover that peace has been patiently waiting for us all along – we just didn’t know where to look to notice it. Gain mastery in this ability to notice peace anytime.



The act of meditating stops the flow of stress hormone, can lower blood pressure, can assist in healing addictions, may reduce age-related memory loss, can regulate PTSD, anxiety & depression symptoms, and so much more.



Practicing Meditation has been shown to improve circulation, age-related memory issues, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression, produce deeper rest, and can assist in healing from addictions.



Come away from meditation with restful alertness + discover a greater sense of restoration from sleep. May produce the need for less sleep, and offers relief in the middle of the night, having meditation to turn to.



Meditating can produce a sense of inner connection which begins to project outward. Many claim feeling in-tune with a force greater than themselves. This sense of connection is deeply fulfilling and unconditional.



This immersive training will give you a personal foundation as you establish, deepen + expand your current practice and experience of the present moment through the Consciousness Coaching, Satsang, and Meditative Exercises shared in this training program. Gain the skills, confidence, effectiveness and THE qualifications to share what you learn in your own community through the Train to Teach portion. Network with peers, get on-going support and discover the deeply fulfilling blessing + humble responsibility of taking these effective tools into people’s lives, assisting humans in knowing unconditional peace in the midst of the wildly-ranging, variable conditions of life.

What Others Are Saying

I cannot express my gratitude to you for being such an empowering, powerful voice. Through your programs you install such wisdom and excellent guidance, not only have I gained peace and balance, but dimensions have expanded and I am forever grateful. Your energy and aura always fill me with such love and security, a safe place to find my own voice and expression.

Megan Hall

Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Herbalist

Looking for the right person to guide you on your path through meditation? Rodasi is a passionate practitioner who’s gentle and progressive approach is second to none. I have loved working with Rodasi, have learned so much from her wisdom, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You are in good hands with her!

Sebastian Garbsh

MCP, CPT ACSM, Owner & Trainer, Formative Fitness

As we journey through our lives, we humans occasionally cross paths with special people that touch us in unique and authentic ways. These individuals are present, authentic, and spiritual in ways that enhance our civilization with powerful and meaningful “vibrations.” Rodasi Campbell is just such a person. Rodasi has a “peaceful presence” around her at all times – she has such a beautiful message of clarity and focus, one that we all need to embrace.

Dave Ginsberg

Retired High School Basketball Coach

I was that student ready for my teacher and there she was.   Rodasi has taught me many things, but most of all how to always search for peace in every moment regardless of what life brings you or has set in front of you. A few times in our lives we meet someone who is doing exactly what they we’re brought on this earth to do – Rodasi is one of those uniquely purpose-driven people. I am blessed to refer to her as a life long friend and teacher.

Doug Petersen

Fitness Instructor & Nutritional Coach, Ironworks Gym

The passionate and compassionate teaching of Rodasi Campbell has had a transformative effect on my life. Through her Meditation Clinics and online course, I broke through self-created barriers to a committed daily practice in Meditation. This practice helped me to re-frame and heal my relationship with my own mind. Her nurturing support gave me tools to cultivate inner spaciousness and peace on a daily basis and most importantly, to be more helpful and loving to the people in my world.

Beth Major

Retired Professor of Voice & Opera

Rodasi’s teaching is an essential part of my week for balance, relaxation and grounding. It makes a huge difference in my energy and focus. She has helped me to notice the most peaceful aspect within every moment.  This has led me to a greater awareness of the present, an appreciation for my life, and has helped me to respond to people and situations in a way that is kind, helpful, and without any drama.  I am really thankful for all she has done for our local community!

Sheila McRae

Business Solutions Architect, Hagerty Insurance