Align + Activate Your Next Level


Spiritual Advising

Move to the next level in your life with a 1:1, Intuitive Advising + mini-Soul Coaching + Spiritual Detox session intended to create clarity, direction, and inspired action.

Includes Soul Homework. Choose from a Recorded Reading or a Live/Virtual Option.

Spiritual Detox Program

 Get at unconscious, habitual blocks – then replace them with this cellular spiritual detox work! Rewire unconscious programming. Heal generational trauma.  Experience Shadow Integration + Soul Retrieval.  Upgrade your physiology, psyche + life in ways you weren’t sure would be possible for you.

Soul Coaching

 Assess where you are at and where your heart longs to be. Begin, reset, deepen into your spiritual journey. Get a daily spiritual routine going. Set goals and work towards them with accountability + support. Actively prioritize + participate in your next level emergence. Your secret hopes, your dreams, your goals are needed by the world today.

Group Training Program

 The Jedi-Shaman(ess) Sandbox! Receive Advising, Detox, Coaching,  Teachings, Practices and Training on the experience of living fully as YOU.  Activate and Transmit your innate gifts in the world; starting with your training community.  Live at a new level of presence, effectiveness and capacity to ENJOY the adventure of Living. Live the Frequency of LOVE.

It’s Time.

Activate a New Level of Spiritual Alignment Today!