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Spiritual Coaching + Therapy

Are you ready to begin or deepen your Spiritual Journey of Healing or Awakening? Are you ready to get a clear plan, direction and accountability specific to your path, purpose, interests and gifts? If so, I invite you into a free 30-min Discovery Session with me to see if we are a good fit for one another.

If we find that we are not, I have several beautiful options for you to explore next with other amazing, gifted and experienced teachers, coaches and healers. And if we ARE a fit, we will come up with a soulful plan of action immediately for us to enter into a short-term commitment together to get you moving forward intentionally toward greater spiritual connection, purpose and well-being.

In the Discovery Session you can expect to receive a ton of inspiration, clarity and ideas for how to move forward in life regardless of what we discover! You will feel a beginning sense of clarity about what you are wanting and why, how to prioritize that, understand what you are losing out on if you continue to procrastinate prioritizing it, and get a sense of what practices to enlist to get rocking into purpose, connection, peace of mind, and a new zest for life.

Book Your Discovery Session

If we do decide that we are a good fit to move forward intentionally, consciously + effectively together in your spiritual journey, we will set up 6 soulful coaching + therapy sessions to formulate your plan for successfully transforming your life from the inside out.

Your Soulful Spiritual Plan of Action will include:

Daily spiritual practices, decide what those practices are and exact formulas for how to practice them.

Become clear about your spirit-filled goals + desires and the “why” beneath them – which will serve as a guide in our work together.

Discover your mind/body type and plan for your type’s specific Ayurvedic, Yogic and other Holistic needs moving forward on the path of well-being.

Accountability Tracking for your soulful journey.

Private 1:1 sessions on-location or video-chat virtually.

Texting Support.

Modalities Used and Topics Covered:

Meditation, Yoga, Energy Healing, Plant & Gemstone Allies

Hard Questions, Inspiration, Soulful Homework (such as journaling, open eyes awareness exercises & breath work), Parenting, Partnership, Spiritual Financial Literacy, Service + Charity, Praise + Gratitude, and More.