These options are available for folks seeking a personalized experience.

Intuitive Channeled Readings

Energy Healing Sessions

Coaching Packages for Meditation, Spiritual Development, or Recovery Coaching

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Currently I am offering a variety of audio self-study programs.

Stay tuned for the next group coaching program or live training opportunity.


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Meditation for Badassery is now available on Amazon in paperback on on Kindle.

This book is a Meditation + Consciousness lifestyle guide.

Set yourself up for success in your practices of meditation and being present with this practical guide filled with to-dos, exercises, information, inspiration and an ultimate call-to-action to live life fully.

Hear my own experiences, get tips for manuevering pitfalls, be inspired to get started, deepen, and be a part of the change we are all intrested in seeing in this world.

More than a “how-to-meditate” book, this guide goes further, challenging you to rise to a higher state of consciousness.

Take a look and then go join the Rock Your Mind Global facebook group to be a part of this movement!

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