Welcome Sister!

 There is a CALL that your soul is demanding that you answer.  Embodying

your Sacred Purpose.

Deepening your capacity to serve the Divine Feminine Consciousness as the Sacred Devotional Woman that you are in new ways. Walking in Beauty and On-Purpose using your innate Gifts. Deepen into this emergence!



We are women of devotion ushering in this new age.

Your RISE continues to unfurl. The Sacred Feminine requires the Embodiment of Her principles.  She beckons you to anchor and expand the power of your Presence and spiritual gifts in service to the evolution of Humanity.

Sit still, be truly vulnerable, seen and called forward in a whole, anchored + authentic way.

It is our mission to transmit higher states of consciousness; learn to be true presence.  

Come forward, sister…with passion and juiciness, powerfully transmitting your sacred dharma.

As a Priestess-Woman, we are Midwives of a New Consciousness in Humanity.

IS THIS YOU, Sister?  Are you called?

In the Presence Priestess Apprenticeship, Explore…

  • Priestess 101, Herstory, Goddess Archetypes, “Witch” Healing


  • Ancestry Studies, the 7-Generations of Healing concept + practice


  • Develop or Deepen a relationship with the Elements, building Power + Sacred Protection


  • Learn Green Witch skill development: Shamanic Plant Relations, Wise Woman Tradition + Steps of Healing, Wildcrafting, Ayurvedic + Chinese Medicine perspectives


  • Seer/Healer Development


  • Red Witch practices: Yoga Asana, Womb Journeying, Chakras + Chanting


  • Ritual + Gatherings: Facilitating Moonlodges, Serving as Sacred Support in Ritual


  • Ceremonial Officiating: Anointing, Blessings, Handfastings, Celebrations of Life, Blessingways


  • Meditation + Presence Exercises to learn to sit still, developing a relationship to the present moment


  • Sacred Sisterhood – healing the woman to woman wounds + developing Divine Feminine Spiritual Community


Learn how to Meditate and Be Present. Become Clear, Doubtless, Get Real Traction + Confidence in these essential, foundational practices + skills.


Learn the different Priestess Paths as defined by some MAGDALENE LINEAGE teachings and discover which most resonate for your personal path.


Identify what your intuitive + healer genius gifts are, allowing the Universe to put it to good use through you.



Having a clear sense of purpose every day, feeling carried by the Universe, making an ever-increasing greater impact on the evolution of human consciousness is priceless.   


As your purpose becomes clearer, your unique pathway of service will unfurl more clearly as well. 


Find support, spiritual sisterhood, resources, embodiment + empowerment. Be part of. Be held. Be seen. Serve.



Come as present as possible and see if you are finally ready to answer the call. If your heart is saying “yes,” let nothing stop you from proceeding.


It doesn’t matter how you do it, but answer your heart! don’t let it starve another moment. Listen. Act. Quit putting this off.

When is “Now” ever going to be a good time?


If you are interested in proceeding with the Priestess apprenticeship Program, but have questions, continue reviewing the material here or shoot us a message if you don’t find what you need. Then sit quietly. Spirit always gives a clear “yes” or “no” – never a “yeah but.” Commit and the way will be shown. Every time.



If you are clear and ready to rock, click the register button  and make  your initial tuition payment. We will send you an invite for an introductory coaching call and an invite into the Priestess Apprenticeship FB Group.


You know we are at a precipice. You know something big is going on. Neither you, nor the world can afford you in a state of teetering. We need you anchored and embodied.

It is time for you to commit to this Rise for you, but more importantly, for the collective consciousness as we Midwife in this New Age.

I began taking Rodasi’s Spirituality study teachings as a meek stay at home mom, and solitary spiritual practitioner. I credit these study groups for bringing me out of my shell; out of my personal darkness and into the light.

Soon after the study series, I completed a 6-month Apprenticeship with Rodasi – intensive series of teaching lodges and ritual practice which deepened my spiritual practice and my connection to the Divine, as well as increased my self-knowledge and esteem.

I would recommend this path only for those who are willing to explore and confront their deepest Shadows, to speak and live with sovereignty and authenticity, and to make a serious commitment to continued service to The Universe.

I had never imagined the richness that these teachings could provide to my spiritual practice, but all facets of my life have been forever changed by them. Rodasi has opened a world to me of which I had only dreamed possible.

My life, heart, and spirit are full. I trust the rightness of my path, and am able to be present in any moment, and am blessed to be able to share these gifts with others.

Forever grateful,

Meg Grey

Operations + Programs Coordinator, Unity, High Priestess


If you are ready to join us in this potent, magical, fun and transformational program, click the REGISTER button and we will see you in there! 

I can’t believe it’s been only a year. I feel so full of new things through this exploration in such a short time. I have so much love and gratitude for your sharing these transformational experiences and your magic with me.

Lindsay Hornibrook

Medical Assistant & Priestess

I cannot express my gratitude to you. Your energy and aura always fill me with such love and safety where I find my own voice and ways to express it. Through your programs and excellent guidance, I have gained peace and balance. I am forever grateful.

Megan Hall

Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Herbalist, Priestess

The passionate and compassionate teaching of Rodasi Campbell has had a transformative effect on my life. Through her Meditation classes and online course, I broke through self-created barriers to a committed daily practice in Meditation. This practice helped me to re-frame and heal my relationship with my own mind. Her nurturing support gave me tools to cultivate inner spaciousness and peace on a daily basis and most importantly, to be more helpful and loving to the people in my world.

Beth Major

Retired Professor of Voice & Opera