Beloved Seeker,

You’ve been struggling to keep going on the concepts and identity you have, while the state of the world and your soul are demanding something different of you.  Be Still + Embody.

It’s time to SURRENDER already.


I began taking Rodasi’s Spirituality study teachings as a meek stay at home mom, and solitary spiritual practitioner. I credit these study groups for bringing me out of my shell; out of my personal darkness and into the light. 

Soon after the study series, I completed a 6-month Apprenticeship with Rodasi – intensive series of teaching lodges and ritual practice which deepened my spiritual practice and my connection to the Divine, as well as increased my self-knowledge and esteem. 

I would recommend this path only for those who are willing to explore and confront their deepest Shadows, to speak and live with sovereignty and authenticity, and to make a serious commitment to continued service to The Universe.

I had never imagined the richness that these teachings could provide to my spiritual practice, but all facets of my life have been forever changed by them. Rodasi has opened a world to me of which I had only dreamed possible.

My life, heart, and spirit are full. I trust the rightness of my path, and am able to be present in any moment, and am blessed to be able to share these gifts with others.

Forever grateful,

Meg Grey

Operations + Programs Coordinator, Unity, High Priestess Initiate


You are a spiritual woman, likely in touch with your spiritual path, gifts, purpose. You may already have a medium for sharing them with the world. Or…you have have been in the esoteric, shamaness broom closet until now. 

Yet your RISE will not wait. The Sacred Feminine Principal requires your Embodiment of Her principles.  She beckons you to tap, anchor and expand the power of your presence and spiritual gifts in service to the evolution of Humanity.

Are you ready to get consistent with your practice + your connection to the present moment? 

Are you ready to get clear about your Intuition, the Healer in you and the Sacred Leader emerging through you?

Are you willing to let it all go – everything you have done + know in order to find out what more is here for you?

Are you excited to become truly effective as an agent of evolutionary change…

without the rollercoaster ride of stress that you try to pretend is not there (because after all, we go-to people with all the comforting answers – are the worst at spiritual bypassing- and that will totally stress us out!)

Aren’t you ready to sit still, be truly vulnerable, seen and called forward in a whole, anchored + authentic way?

If so, with the framework of the Presence Priestess Apprenticeship, Sacred Sisterhood Community and 2 decades of Experience as a student of Consciousness and Priestessing guiding you…

you can certainly break through the internal shadows, concepts, identities + habits that are stopping you from being


It is our collective mission to BE the change we wish to see,

to BE the energy of true PRESENCE,

to truly, humbly and joyfully hold space for the AWAKENING OF HUMANITY.

We are the Midwives, Shamanesses, Priestesses, Medicine Women. We are  women of holiness, ushering in this new age.

We make it smoother for those without our tools and experience. We carry the Essence of Magic, that all is well, and that we are more than okay here.

IS THIS YOU, Sister?  Are you called?

I can’t believe it’s been only a year. I feel so full of new things through this exploration in such a short time. I have so much love and gratitude for your sharing these transformational experiences and your magic with me.

Lindsay Hornibrook

Medical Assistant & Priestess

I cannot express my gratitude to you. Your energy and aura always fill me with such love and safety where I find my own voice and ways to express it. Through your programs and excellent guidance, I have gained peace and balance. I am forever grateful. 

Megan Hall

Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Herbalist


Learn how to Meditate and Be Present. Become Clear, Doubtless, Get Real Traction + Confidence in these essential, foundational practices + skills.


In order to be a truly effective transmitter of Presence you’ve got to stop seeking, and direct attention inward. be so present that you notice the emerging Spiritual Leader, Healer, Seer that you are being begged by the Universe to be.

You can not BE it if you are trying to figure out how to be it. You can only BE it by replacing the habit of seeking, with the habit of finding, living, being.


Every person has Intuition and every person has been conditioned to one degree or another to ignore this super power. We will identify what your Intuitive genius gifts are, get you clear about recognizing it, surrendering to it, and allowing the Universe to put it to good use through you.

Likewise, every person is innately a Healer. To become skillful, one must identify what this means, recognize this quality and cultivate it. We will address these needs + practice energetic healer exercises together.



Not having a sense of purpose every day sucks. Not knowing if what you are doing is supporting your own or anyone else’s evolution is lack-luster at best.

Conversely, having a clear sense of purpose every day and being certain that you are heading in the right direction, carried by the universe and making an ever-increasingly greater impact on the evolution of human consciousness is priceless. 

You will know your purpose and be more clear and certain about it as we travel together in Presence.


As your Purpose becomes clearer, your unique pathway of Service will unfurl as well.

We will look at immediate and obvious ways you are serving, new ways to boldly + humbly engage service, as well as look at the VISIONARY DREAM placed in your heart from birth, ready to begin to bloom now.


One of the greatest delights most folks find is the support, spiritual fellowship, resources, power and love they find here.

In this kind of solidarity – where we all evolve, innocently explore and vulnerably reveal ourselves – we are forever changed. The bonds are beyond description. 

Be part of. Be held. Be seen. Serve.

The passionate and compassionate teaching of Rodasi Campbell has had a transformative effect on my life. Through her Meditation classes and online course, I broke through self-created barriers to a committed daily practice in Meditation. This practice helped me to re-frame and heal my relationship with my own mind. Her nurturing support gave me tools to cultivate inner spaciousness and peace on a daily basis and most importantly, to be more helpful and loving to the people in my world.

Beth Major

Retired Professor of Voice & Opera


Come as present as possible and see if you are finally ready to answer the call. If your heart is saying “yes,” let nothing stop you from proceeding.


It doesn’t matter how you do it, but answer your heart! don’t let it starve another moment. Listen. Act. Quit putting this off.

Hey – when is “Now” a good time?

(as a famous coach + speaker says)


If you are interested in proceeding with the Presence Program, but have questions, continue reviewing the material here or shoot us a message if you don’t find what you need. Then sit quietly. Spirit always gives a clear “yes” or “no” – never a “yeah but.” Commit and the way will be shown. Every time.



If you are clear and ready to rock, fill out the contact form BELOW and make  your initial tuition payment. We will send you an invite for an introductory coaching call and an invite into the Presence FB Group.


You know we are at a precipice. You know something big is going on. Neither you, nor the world can afford you in a state of teetering. We need you anchored and embodied.

It is time for you to commit to this Rise for you, but more importantly, for the collective consciousness as we Midwife in this New Age.

Hang on to your booty, Kindred. It’s about to get even more Wyrd. That will either totally screw with you, or you’ll be authentically capable of supporting this shift and others.  I’m rooting for you.

Ready to do this? Email Us About Your Intent to Enroll in Presence

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Rodasi’s teaching is an essential part of my week for balance, relaxation and grounding. It makes a huge difference in my energy and focus. She has helped me to notice the most peaceful aspect within every moment.  This has led me to a greater awareness of the present, an appreciation for my life, and has helped me to respond to people and situations in a way that is kind, helpful, and without any drama.  I am really thankful for all she has done for our local community!

Sheila McRae

Business Solutions Architect, Hagerty Insurance

 Rodasi is a passionate practitioner who’s gentle and progressive approach is second to none. I have loved working with Rodasi, have learned so much from her wisdom, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You are in good hands with her!

Sebastian Garbsh

MCP, CPT ACSM, Owner & Trainer, Formative Fitness

Meditation was scary at first because of the chaos running through me. I never liked to be silent and never felt safe closing my eyes.

Your teaching style makes me feel safe. The way you present is very smooth, calm and makes me feel comfortable enough to tust.

It’s like my mind was a war movie filled with fear. Now we are going out there together and there’s no need to worry about the outcome.

Meditation allows me to let go of myself and brings me into the present. The clock stops and I want to keep going.

When a dude like me can sit through a workshop with you and apply what I learned even through a spinal tap, you know something’s really working.

Jesse Smoker

Ex-Hustler, Sober Mentor

We occasionally cross paths with special people that touch us in unique and authentic ways. Rodasi is such a person. She is present, authentic, and spiritual in ways that enhance our civilization. Rodasi has such a beautiful message of clarity and focus, one that we all need to embrace.

Dave Ginsberg

Retired Superintendent + Basketball Coach