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In a world of cookie cutter options I have never been satisfied by the old-school black and white ways of doing things. 


Truth be told, even more old school than what we know now as our options are the ways of our Ancestors and the Old Religions or Spiritualities. These sacred practices surrounding rites of practice can and should be integrated into your special event marking this transition of life. 

So, what are you seeking to create by way of rites-of-passage ritual and ceremony? What special events are upcoming in your life? 

Are you and your Beloved seeking a non-traditional marriage or handfasting ceremony? Are you pregnant and needing a Blessingway ceremony? A new child has come into the world and is in need of a Baptism of the non-secular or alternative to religion type? Do you wish to recieve postpartum support and blessing for you and your family?  Do you know someone who would be blessed by such a service? Are you grieving a loss and needing support planning a non-traditional, personalized end of life ceremony? 


Priestess FB Group

Entry Level for any woman – initiated or otherwise, to come together, support, share resources and also receive transmissions by Rodasi on various topics, practices and rituals.

Join the Rise of the Priestess Group

Priestess Webinars

These webinars are free and meant to serve as Portals for this Empowered Awakening of Divine Feminine genius through you.

The topics are varied so peruse the options and drink in the ones that most call to you, sister.

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Priestess Path

6-Week Virtual Training + Mini-Initiation

Introductory training for women seeking to molearn some Herstorical traditional Paths of Priestessing, to more clearly define and awaken to her witchy genius and brand of magic, to taste a deepr level of Sacred Sisterhood.

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Rise of the Priestess

12-week Training 

Grow your witchy skills as healer, oracle, ceremonialist, etc…

Practice timeless technique to tap into, enhance and stabilize your priestess powers. Exercises and embodiment practices will be shared for group, priestess partnering, and solo use.

Explore the essence of Priestessing, Herstory, Reclaiming the energy of “Witch”, experience Moonlodge, Ritual, Sisterhood,  and Goddess Archetype.

This training is a tast-test for the 6-month training and can be used as credit toward apprenticeship upon application.

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Priestess Apprenticeship

Once every 1-2 years there is a 6-month intensive, Priestess Apprenticeship offered. 

Gain clarity on your unique witchy gneius and priestess direction. Grow as a healer, oracle, yogi, circle facilitator, devotee and servant in your home, community and world.  Grow and deepen into sisterhood and sharpen your sword, deepen your roots as a represnetative of the magic; of the Divine.

The next Priestess Apprenticeship will be announced soon.

This is a sincere investment on the path of priestessing so only women who are clear should apply for the apprencticeship. 

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High Priestess Mentorship

For the Initiated Priestess called to deepen into her commitment as devotee and servant of the Divine in a long-term way.

This offering requires a great deal of accountability, responsibility, preparation and commitment. 

Growing and Holding this level of responsibility for yourself and your community is no small thing.

Only sincerely called, initiated women, who are ready to do whatever it takes should seek to apply for this level of mentorship.

If that is YOU, Sister, click on the link below, then contact me privately to apply and set up an interview call to proceed. 

Jai Ma

High Priestess Path

Ordained Minister



I knew I had hereditary gifts from both sides of my family:

Dad’s mom’s mom was of Norwegian Sami decent – a Spiritualist Leader who spoke in tongues and was a psychic who worked with the Detroit police.

Dad’s dad’s was native indigenous North American and his ancestors were medicine people before they were only known as basket-weavers and loggers. 

Mom’s mom’s mom could do laying on of hands and know what was wrong with the person as well as help them heal. She was a strong white Christian woman of mixed European decent.

Mom’s dad’s blood carried from Spain and the Mediterranean through Celtic Germany.  I have gained much from exploring the wisdom, practices and rituals of my own Ancestors near in my family tree, and far.

As an energy healer, psychic reader, yoga and meditation teacher etc…it was recommended to me long ago that I become an ordained minister.

This sounded far too stuffy and not necessary for me. I didn’t like the sound of Reverend Rodasi.  It was too much work.

After all it took to be initiated as a monk and then as a high priestess, ordination was zero daunting to me.

So here I am.

I am now legally able to marry folks and continue to co-create + faciliate rites of passage ritual + ceremony for folks wishing to honor all the parts of themselves – keeping true to their own unique style, desire, need, meaning and purpose.

It is an honor to get to serve in these ways, Kindred. I do hope you’ll explore the options and let me know if you’d like to talk about co-creating a beautiful, unique, meaningful rite-of-passage celebration for you and yours.



Cost Effective

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Qualified team

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