Heyyyy Rocker!

Ready to change your relationship to your mind, emotions, circumstances?

Ready to learn how to meditate and what practicing it does to your brain and body and life?

Ready to learn how to be present? 

Let’s debunk and demystify meditation, consciousness, being present, and spirituality.

Let’s refocus your attention and put you in the Holy Flow, people.



RYM FB Group

The Rock Your Mind Meditation  Community gathers virtually to share in the vibe of conscious evolution through Satsang transmissions on various spirituality topics as well as practice open and close eyed technique together.

A typical FB Live is around 30 min with hellos, an introduction, some Satsang inspiration, practice time and thank yous.

Topics covered are vast – in every area of life – looking through the lens of spiritual evolution, yogic + vedic philosophy and practical, down to earth experience straight from the monk + student herself.

Join the Rock Your Mind Meditation Group

RYM Group Coaching

This is a one-month or more, on-going, membership-based

Meditation + Consciousness Lifestyle group coaching program

You can join any month and attend any subsequent months as well or become a patron (Patreon) and stay as long as you remain so.

Enjoy the benefits of group coaching for common issues which arise on the path of meditation, being present and spirtual discovery.

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Professional's Training

Virtual Training for therapist, teachers, coaches, yoga teachers, healers etc…who are already working with people and want to train to effectively teach people to meditate and be present. 

1-month training including class teaching time, practice time, coaching time for group and individual support as well as supplemental materials for your reference.

Certificate awarded at the end of the group training program.

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1:1 Coaching


Private, tailored-to-you coaching packages supporting you in beginning, deepening or recommitting to a meditation practice.

These packages include teachings on how to be present through the use of eyes-open technique.

Recieve tips and homework for how to practice on your own.

These packages include check-ins in between sessions for clarity, confidence and maximum anchoring of the teachings + practices.

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Presence is a 6-month, Spiritual Development Mentorship Program

This program is an in-depth, group training program designed to reveal your true presence, unlocking your unique spiritual genius, and develop your spiritual gifts.

This is an extensive, immersive Oracular training covering a holistic range of topics, practices, technique and community experiences to clarify, anchor and refine your spiritual life direction, purpose, and capacity to serve.

Carefully consider before applying for this program. This is a somewhat rigorous, yet immensely life-transforming program. I prefer only sincere aspirants apply – those who have the heart to invest fully.

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Presence Coaching

Those accepted into the Presence Training program who wish to access 1:1 support  during the training can invest in a coaching package at any point which can be used throughout the training.

These sessions will be no longer valid upon completion of the program, therefore it is recommended to schedule them out upon purchase to ensure they are utilitzed. 

Presence Coaching Add-on Options

Meditation + Consciousness


I have been a student of Yoga + Vedic Sciences including Meditation, Mindfulness, the Vedas, Advaitavedanta, Yogic Limbs, Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Chanting, Mantra, Mudra, Basic Ayurvedic Pricipals + Practices and more since 1999. 

I studied with an ancient lineage 1999-2002 as a meditation + yoga student + teacher, graduating from a 3 year live-in apprenticeship in 2001. In 2002 I traveled to the UK for continuing education and apprentice-teacher experiences.

I returned to the US after 3 months and began teaching yoga + basic meditation to my community.

In 2006 I attended a yoga teacher training through the Yogic Sciences Research Foundation deepening into foundations of Hatha Yoga principal & lifestyle. 

From 2006 – 2010 I continued teaching and began attending more meditation + consciousness retreats and weekend workshops until fall 2010 when I entered into a more long-term commitment with my path.

At this time, I traveled to Spain and began another teacher training process under the official guidance of my formal spiritual teacher.  During this initial visit, I took vows devoting my life to the awakening of consciousness – first, in me, second in humanity. It was at this time I received the Sanskrit name Rodasi, now initiated as a monk in the Ishaya lineage. 

In 2011 I graduated from this teacher training, yet continue my education as a student of consciousness under the same teacher. I continue to teach and practice, attend advanced trainings and retreats.

I have taught thousands of people meditation and consciousness as well as yoga and other spirituality practices since I began my journey in 1999. I have watched people come for a taste, come forever, and some come to become trained, initiated teachers themselves. 

I have led countless classes, weekend workshops, done many many introductions in coffee shops, grocery stores, on the street corner and beyond. I have run trainings for new meditation teachers and served folks during retreats seeking to unplug from the world and deepen into practice.

It has been an honor and a privilege to get to be here serving in this way. I look forward to exploring the dance of consciousness with you too, Kindred Spirit.



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