Why don’t you have time? You need to know exactly what this means for you. What does it actually mean that you don’t have time to meditate. For example, is that actually what it means – or is it an excuse? Do you have time to scroll social media? Time to shop Amazon? Or, are you a full-time working, full-time single parent, with more than one child involved in activities, and you have other obligations like service work, fitness classes, and all that meal planning and preparing? That is the first step. Unpack what this in fact means. Go ahead and drop that honesty below in a comment.

Next, if you find quickly that this is an excuse, not quite a reality, then knock it off. Quit paying attention to that self-saboteur in your mind who’d rather keep you inside your comfort zone rather than growing. Do not allow that old voice that sounds like you, to win this battle. Stand up for yourself and say, “no more – today I do this.” If this is you, you may want to read this post on overcoming self-sabotage with meditation.

For the very busy person without much room to squeeze a meditation practice in, read on and I will give you my best tips for practicing anyway.


You must know why you want to meditate. What is compelling you? What are you after as a result of your practice? (see my video on finding your why if you want support) Once you are clear about your why research scientific evidence that backs up your why. Also, Given time, you will have enough personal experience to be motivated by both the pressure and pain of not meditating, as well as the connection and flow – the pleasure of meditating. What is your why? Comment below. Go to the Rock Your Mind Global facebook group to participate in a beautiful community of folks exploring and supporting one another in practice.


Now that you’ve looked at why you want or need to meditate and shared it publicly, let’s have some fun! Take an honest look at your daily calendar, look at time wasters and consider how you can build in and prioritize one, two or three blocks of practice time. 20 minutes is recommended, but if you can take a 10 minute break to meditate, then go for it! Don’t let anything be an excuse.

Stop right now, look at your daily agenda and pencil in your practice time. If you don’t see time, get honest about any time wasters like social media, watching netflix, worrying, binge eating. Consider waking up even 10 minutes earlier or practicing before actually going to sleep at night. Be creative and mature about prioritizing what you say you want. Share with us in the comments below or in the facebook group – or BOTH, what exactly you’ve committed to.


Bravo if you’ve followed the above! You are now recovering from not having enough time to meditate! Wahoo! How do you feel about yourself? Right now, pause. Feel that. You must. Some self-respect and dignity in that, right? Absolutely! It is imperative that we celebrate and feel into our successes here. AND- this is just a start. We both know you aren’t going to have a straight shot into being a meditation machine forever and ever, Amen. You will taper off, get distracted – life will happen. You will forget, decide not to, and otherwise fall off this exciting wagon at some point. I don’t say this to be a downer, but a realist.

This should be looked at as a natural part of the path, but you should also have a plan for when you see yourself getting off track. Accountability in the Facebook group is going to be huge. Inside the group you have access to me and many others devoted to practice and beyond. I also suggest finding a friend, co-worker, family member or even someone in the group to text your successes, call yourself out and back on track – and someone you can also encourage, witness and empower to do the same. You could also sign up for group classes live or online, use a meditation app to login and track your progress (I recommend Insight Timer and have a Rock Your Mind group as well as some meditations posted there). You can also join a training or enlist a coach. Do something to protect this for yourself. Now let us know – what will your accountability plan be?


One of the biggest reasons we tell ourselves we can not take the luxury of sitting in meditation is because we feel guilty. We sit and do nothing while our to-do list is endless – and maybe while others are busy around us. This piece will hinge on getting super clear about your why again. It will also hinge on how much you care for the opinion of others, how codependent you are – how you are wired. It comes down to: guilt continuing to win and run your life (in many other areas you are unconscious of) or you taking your power back and doing practice anyway.

If you do, you will grow greater self-respect, increase self-care and self-love all in this act of meditating anyway. You will see the truth – you have more to give, get more done and have more pleasure in doing it when you are meditating consistently. Heal the program of guilt in you and in your lineage.

Tell the Universe, “this chain breaks here, with me,” as you sit to close your eyes each time guilt presents itself. When you sit down anyway you are making it so others also have space to not carry guilt or to heal any that is already taken root.

Do you experience guilt when you go to do something for you? Have you experienced guilt when you go to meditate at work or at home? Are you willing to practice anyway and to watch as you heal guilt and break that chain for good in your lineage? Comment below: breaking the chain if so and same in the Facebook group.


As you go through the above process, you must be devoted to your why, to getting your eyes closed and to doing whatever it takes in your world to protect this priority. When you see things come up, when you face resistance, when you fall off the wagon of practice – be gentle with yourself. Then employ your accountability plan. Be devoted. Do not waste a moment on condemnation or judgment of self for how anything is unfolding. For goodness sake, do not abandon yourself.

If you need support reach out to your accountability team, seek out guidance from those who’ve gone before you, and keep going. There is always room for more gentleness and a little more devotion to what really matters. The universe has your back in this and so do I so stick around and engage.