Hey, Kindred!

I’m Rodasi.

Monk. Priestess. Teacher. Mentor. Speaker. 

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“The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the spirit lies its greatest joy.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Who the Heck Am I?

The Rodasi Journey

The Rodasi Journey

I began my life with a curious passionate heart
and with the name Amanda Grace.

I was a seeker of the divine.

In a communion with nature and magic from the start.

Ecstatic lover of the divine, I am a poetic muse.

I love rock and roll, dancing, ritual ceremony and transformational gatherings. I am a sober woman. And I am the
mother of two beautiful daughters. I am was gifted a passionate drive and clear purpose.

I live in service to the awakening of humanity – joyful, badass, peaceful, aliveness.

Official Bio

Rodasi Campbell is an International teacher + speaker based out of Traverse City, MI. Certified, Experienced Meditation + Yoga Teacher, Women’s Spirituality Teacher + Founder of the Meditation School + Consciousness Programs.

Rodasi began her Meditation + Yogic studies in 1999 as a student, but quickly found her way into her first teacher training in 2001. She has received two certificates as a trained and now, experienced Meditation teacher and two other certificates as a Yoga teacher since that time. Rodasi became the student + initiate of a formal teacher and lineage in 2010 and continues her education with this teacher.

A big believer in continuing education, Rodasi has attended dozens of retreats, workshops + received coaching from her teacher, mentors + peers. Rodasi has taught + spoken in front of thousands of folks in 6 different countries. Rodasi teaches for the International meditation organization known as The Bright Path, which teaches a specific meditative technique known as the Ishayas’ Ascension practice.

Rodasi has taught in front of thousands of folks in 6 different countries, trained business teams & non-profit organizations, has been a guest teacher and co-facilitator at a dozen retreats, led hundreds of classes, workshop series’, weekend courses, 6-12 week trainings and 6-18 month apprenticeship training programs.

Rodasi has worked with women’s groups, special needs children, foster kids, in treatment centers, at churches, and beyond. She trains + coaches meditation teachers and initiates women into the path of the priestess.

Rodasi is the author of Meditation for Badassery and the hostess + transmitter of Rock Your Mind Meditation for Badassery livestreams on FB + YouTube.


A Mini Timeline Bio:

Meditation + Yogic studies living in a commune community in 1999

Meditation + Consciousness teacher training in 2001

Women’s Spirituality + Herbalist Apprenticeship + Initiation 2002

Became a Mother + graduated a Yogic Science teacher training 2006

Official student + initiate of a formal consciousness teacher and lineage in 2010 (received my Sanskrit name, Rodasi)

International Meditation teacher training graduate + High Priestess Initiate 2011

Raja Yoga teacher training graduate 2012

Founded Rock Your Mind 2018

Authored Meditation for Badassery 2020